Black Garlic (4⭐️)


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80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Black Garlic is a breeding project involving Thug Pug Genetics’ Garlic Breath and our favorite Blackberry Kush. The taste is overpowering, distinct, and as a fair warning it might not be to everyone’s palate. We love Black Garlic’s hardy flavors and aromas as much as we enjoy its fast flowering time. This strain has enough CBD to warrant usage for those struggling with seizures as well as the usual treatments for multiple sclerosis and even bipolar disorder and depression. Effects slowly present themselves in the form of heavy physical relaxation that has been found to aid in pain relief and nausea. The eventual outcome is a fully relaxed body and a foggy and carefree mind, making this strain a perfect option for evening and nighttime use for everything ranging from nausea to insomnia.


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