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To place your order, please text us with your driver’s license or any valid photo ID (which will be prompty deleted after verifying your age and address). You can also register via email by hitting us up at with a picture of a valid driver’s license or any valid photo ID as well as the phone number you will be ordering with. After you receive your registration confirmation feel free to call or text us and order anytime!

Formerly known as Direct2u Quads on Weedmaps. Located in Richmond Hill, North York (Yonge and 401) and London, Ontario, we offer discrete and quick same day delivery (within 2 hours) on our special edition limited batch strains. We offer a premium service and only high quality products to ensure that you have the best experience possible. You get what you pay for with us.

We always carry small batch products to ensure quality and guarantee you won’t be smoking dry jungle musk, it will always be fresh flower.

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(647) 856-1785

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(519) 619 6643